Heated Headwear

There are many outdoor enthusiasts who want to keep his or her face and ears warm but do not like wearing full hoods. Heat Factory has engineered several patented Mossy Oak® headwear products designed with pockets over the ears for warmers to keep you warm while you’re outdoors.

Heated Helmet Balaclava

1787-mobuHeat Factory’s Heated Helmet Balaclava in Mossy Oak® (1787-MO) is different from all the rest of 1787-mobu-pkgthe market due to the warmer technology that stands behind it. Heat Factory added warmer pockets over the ears, chest, and back of the neck. This balaclava features a streamlined design to fit comfortably under any helmet. The Mossy Oak® Helmet Balaclava will give you warmth and comfort in any condition. UPC: 0 37137 17875 3


1785-moThe Heat Factory balaclava in Mossy Oak® (1785-MO) features patented warmer pockets over the ears for added warmth when needed. The balaclava is made with soft breathable fleece. The Lycra binding is assembled with flat lock stitching for added comfort. One pair of Heat Factory Mini Hand Warmers is included. UPC: 0-37137-17855-5


Heated Neck Gator

1750-moHeat Factory’s Heated Neck Gator in Mossy Oak® (1750) was 1750-pkgdesigned to protect your neck, face and ears from the cold. Plush double-lined fleece and added warmer pockets over the ears keep you warm and comfortable in even the coldest conditions. UPC: 0-37137-17505-9 

Heated Beanie 

head-586Heat Factory’s Heated Beanie in Mossy Oak® (586-MO) provides up to ten hours of safe, consistent warmth with two pockets (one over each ear) made to hold Heat Factory Warmers. The beanie itself is made of soft, breathable fleece and is designed for warmth and comfort in any condition. The beanie comes accompanied by one pair of Heat Factory warmers. This beanie is proudly made in the USA and is available in Mossy Oak® Break Up and Hardwoods.


Heated Face Mask

1780-moHeat Factory’s soft breathable fleece mask in Mossy Oak® has special pockets over the ears to hold Heat Factory Warmers. Just the added warmth you need on those cold days. The Mossy Oak® heated face mask is adjustable with a hood & loop closure and finished with a comfortable Lycra trim. It is designed to wrap around the chin and go up and over the ears.


Heated Headband

1760-moHeat Factory’s heated headband in Mossy Oak® is designed with special pockets over the ears to hold the Heat Factory Warmers in place. The headband is narrow across the forehead and wider to cover the ears. It is finished with a Lycra trim. The headband can be worn alone or under a hat and provides just the added warmth needed when out in the cold. One size fits most.

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