Heated Footwear


Mossy Oak Flat Foot Bed

M250_unit_newHeat Factory’s patented Flat Footbed in Mossy Oak® (M250/M251) is easy to use- one size fits most. The cavity under the toes is designed to fit Heat Factory Foot Warmers. Specially designed air channels on the bottom of the foot bed increase air flow to the Foot Warmer creating plenty of heat to keep those feet warm on cold days. The Foodbed features a brushed nylon top with antimicrobial and anti-fungal additives. Just trim the footbed at the heel for an easy fit.


Heat Factory’s Footbed Pre-packs in Mossy Oak® are pre-assembled in freestanding trays with an easy to remove cover. Each clamshell is RF sealed and has pre-punched hang holes allowing the package to be hung on conventional store fixtures. They can also be displayed on a pre-pack tray, on shelves or tables, pallet displayed, end cap or on power wings. The innovative design creates a great sell-down strategy without compromising merchandising appeal. Each clamshell features on pair of Flat Footbeds and five pairs of Heat Factory Foot Warmers.

Mossy Oak Pocket Sock M202

The Mossy Oak pocket sock (M205) holds a disposable Heat Factory Foot Warmer in the Mossy Oak pocket over the toes to provide up to 6 hours of soothing warmth. The sock has a cushioned arch and reinforced heel and is above calf length. The socks come in pairs of two and are accompanied by one pair of Heat Factory Warmers. The Mossy Oak Pocket Sock is available in two different sizes.

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