Gloves & Mittens

Mossy Oak partnered with Heat Factory to create a design that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts looking for warmth and camouflage. Every glove is designed to hold Heat Factory Warmers. Mossy Oak gloves are great for hunting, camping, hiking and trapping.

991-mossyStay warm with Mossy Oak’s Pop Top Mitten (991-MO) and (992MO), specially designed with pockets to hold Heat Factory Warmers right under your fingers for ultimate warmth. The mitten houses quiet magnets that hold the mitten camp back and out of the way to free your fingers when needed. The glove holds an inner liner to give you comfort while the camp is folded back. Keep your hands protected by combining the warmth of a mitten and the freedom of a glove that allows for free range motion of the fingers. Mossy Oak’s Pop Top Mitten comes with two Heat Factory Hand Warmers and is available in three different sizes. The Deluxe Pop Top Glove with grip in Mossy Oak is available in three sizes: Medium (0 37137 99235 9), Large (0 37137 99245 8) and Extra Large (0 37137 99255 7).

cti-915Mossy Oak’s fitted and lightweight fleece gloves (915-MO) have a concealed top pocket designed to hold Heat Factory Warmers. The index and thumb are engineered with conductive Touch Tip material, giving you the ability to easily use any touchscreen device while outdoors. Mossy Oak’s Pocket Glove allows you to grip cold and wet items with confidence thanks to the honeycomb plastic texturing in the palm. The exceptional freedom of motion in the glove’s cut makes it a perfect glove for fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. This pair of gloves includes one pair of Heat Factory Hand Warmers and is available in four different sizes. This glove is available in Black (0 37137 09152 6) and Mossy Oak (0 37137 09155 7).

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